Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Autobiography of a Hostel

||| MoKatha |||
- a life history of Student Hostels.
My Odia Column today on Nirvay Newspaper. Every Wednesday my MoKatha is there on 8th Page.
Today, I write on the changes Hostels are witnessing now. Particularly, if your kids are going to stay in a hostel, wish you have a look of the hostel before putting them there.
Odia readers are welcome for comments.

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Anonymous said...

Hrusikes Babu, I have read your Hostel Life from School Hostel, Rabi Kar Mess to Vanivihar Hostel. Very nicely described the Hostel Life. I also stayed in Central Hostel, bhadrak College and Vanivihar Hostel. We really enjoyed the Hostel Life which you have compared with preset day hostel life. Drastic difference in objective and Philosophy.