Friday, September 23, 2016

||| MoKatha - God Mine and Your |||

This column provides a narration on petty politics now runs in rural Odisha. The politics has gone so deep down that even village temple is getting divided on party line. Shocking, the deserters who still hang on horizon of village but settled in town, try to detect terms on village affairs possibly due to identity crisis they feel in urban life. The column basically provides a picture that I visualised in my the recent past visit to my village in Odisha. More or less, the story is the same all around India - an eventful transition India is facing now during its metamorphosis of rural India to urban India.
The column appeared on Nirvaya News paper on 21st Sept. '16. Every Wednesday MoKatha appears on Page-8 at - Read and Opine : A standing Welcome with thanks.

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