Sunday, February 19, 2012

Software Engineers

Hello! Sorry. I have not been here since long; particularly when I am on my twitter hmcs_hcu; and this microblog, seems, has obstructed revealing me here. Nevertheless each one of has its right space on cyber world.

Something today urged me to write. Me and Anjali (my wife) went to meet our son Vakul at his hostel BITS Pilani (Hyderabad Campus). And to our bad luck, we had to walk almost 2kms on hot Sun for college has gone very security conscious in its annual student fest. It's new India - of becoming security paranoid. And we all know the current tussle of states and union on internal security- NCTC centre's new internal security plan. Anyway, I'm not going to write on that.

On our way back we stopped at Gachhibowli-Domino to pick up a pizza for my daughter as her premium for being alone at home (i'm sure she was not so for Internet and google talk/skype; and ofcourse for +2 final year exam). I usually feel odd at Domino or shops of that kind. Rather I enjoy wooden bench and premixed hot tea with local snacks at my village square. Odias awfully addicted to the past; I'm noway different; actually with bit more addiction I have decided to write stories on my village. The first story has been appearing in Prabha Sarjana in two pieces (Jan & Feb-12 issues). But today I have no other option than to wait for my pizza delivery in the midst trendy Domino shop. Well, looked around to see a lot of young smart boys and girls. Found one pair from Odisha too. Many a time I see young Odias here. And all are working in some software companies Gachhibowli, Hyderabad.

They are software engineers. Ofcourse proud software engineers; well paid and well spent too. They run the economy. They being bit flashy, invite ire of lefts and traditionalists. Some say them not really engineers and some say, they are just enough to do the work that west does not want to do. And some say them of coding for cheap. Traditional academics don't count them, mocking at their program-enough curriculum. The height of such caustic comment I had to hear from an honorable in a meeting where I was invited as the chief speaker. But really spoke very less as the program started late for the delayed arrival of the honorable host who also had to preside the meeting. The host went on telling with an anguish on software engineers salary trend (your last salary is my first salary ) and with rhetoric went on telling them software coolies . It was shocking!

I wonder had there not been software jobs what would have been situation of India. Where our youths would have headed for! We (oldies!) don't think of that before giving unsolicited comments. Probably, for India after agriculture the emerged software sector has serve the country with much needed Forex.

Let's congratulate our young mass for that! Instead of demoralizing them see what we can do, so they can come up soon in global competition and put the country on high road!


A B Sagar said...

Yes Sir, software industry has provided employment to many of our youth in India, otherwise we would have been seeing too many potential youth with no employment. But the salaries are too high. I think, instead of paying Rs 60,000 for a just completing mca/mtech/btech student, they can hire two or three people and divide that salary among them. That way, we could solve unemployment problem to a great extent. Also, indian government should intervene in this, and set a limit for the salaries.

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

You may be correct. But, the human mind does not work as we wish. The model was tested for public sector keeping socialism in mind. But, we have made it to fail in bizare way.


Unknown said...

I do agree with you Sir. Thanks for your concern.Software industry is the biggest employment sector in India. There is no work which is small and there is no work which is great. Work is work and work is worship.It is true that Indian software industry needs innovation. But innovation is not easy, it needs a lot of quality intellectual investments which will minimise impact of brain drain.In long run will improve innovation.

Anonymous said...

always look for friends who are 20yr younger than you.then only you will be touch with present day reality in tandem with nostalgic past reality.

Sujata Chakravarty said...

Yes Sir, it is true. but we should not think about the payment software company is giving, rather we should think about the duration of job. It is horrible. Software companies are treating them as the bonded labor. As many of my students are working on that, i know them personally, their are leading a very painful life. They can not give the time to them selves, their family and society as a whole we can say.

Sujata Chakravarty

Satya Prakash Dash said...

Sir,we are now in the globalisation process for the last two decades and will continue to be so,if we want to prosper from the new economy.Some still want to assume themselves in the pre-globalisation days and simultaneously enjoy all the benefits that globalisation is facilitating them(ex:AC,luxurious cars,modern amenities,computers and internet,cell phones,net-banking,etc).Such people never fail to criticise and demean others so as to promote their self-centred ego.If we are to prosper, then we should first leave such parochial attitude and promote the better things from all the available options,instead of demeaning it.