Monday, November 5, 2012

Chhua Nahin (Don't Touch)

Odia Poem Published in Sagaraika October 2012
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Anonymous said...

Quite deep
mind boggling to say the least

Bijaylaxmi said...

Sir, the poem is thought provoking and prompted me at many places to go deep into it. The stanza I like very much is...
chuin bi paaribini pathara bukura saadhaba bohuku
lal tuk tuk mo reshami sattaaku
kebala muhurtta chuinba
jaahaa paaien achi apekhsyaare
hoi khyudraati khyudra bindutie
bistari jibaaku kebala taa parashare
chuan naahin chuan naahi mun magna tapasyaare.....

I do understand that, there are hidden mystic values in objects palpable and impalpable that can't be easily realised through common intelligence, that is verily a matter of time that would decide when it would get its real worth. Until then it's meditating upon time itself.

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...


Your comments are no less. Yes, it's the soul that don't want to be touched by not less than the most desired who can understand the sensitivity that is hidden in self-built stony chest that hides self- soft as a sadhava bohu !

thanks for your comments