Sunday, January 20, 2013

Garba Kariba Katha .... An Odia Novel

From my collection ........

This Odia novel is by a novelist by my name of which I'm fall short of many ways including difference of 'Panda' that makes differennce ot one time IAS topper and now serving bureaucrat well know also as a litterateur.

'Garba Karibara Katha' by Dr. Hrushikesha Panda published by Friends Publishers in 2010 a novel eulogizing golden days of Odisha with trade to south-east countries. The novel takes on three generations engaged with trade and presents a social as well as political scenarios of times. Many places of Balasore, Cuttack and Puri are act-spots for actors of the novel. In introduction the author puts blame on Chaitany cult on declining of golden age of Odia community. From the title author eulogizes the era for which Odia community to be proud of.

Though two years back I have procured still have not finished the reading so my comments need not be taken authentic. Actually, I felt flow and language bit jerky and stopped reading to start again on getting time and mood. I will recommend to procure if you have not. To my knowledge it could be a history based novel after Nila-Shaila, the one I love :) ...

If any of you have finished reading Dr.Hrushikesha babu's this noel please put your review ... probably it will wake me up :)

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