Thursday, October 9, 2014


1. If you have stared plucking more flowers then you are aging faster.
2. Flower plucking in morning walk is a bizarre habit.
3. If you still have a choice in plucking a flower then you have a plenty of chance in making a new friend.
4. You are still there until your maid has not sipped tea sitting on your living room sofa.
5. IMF always wants labour law relaxation for it doesn't like deep pockets of  labour inspectors.
6. A great country, history starts at an event without even a date, but for unfortunate one, later gets infested with dates of exclusive person and progeny. 
7. Opposing FDI in retail as kids of the soil have started to abhor deshi (ଚୁଡାମୁଢି) breakfast. 
8. Noodle could be a culprit for loosing your test buds - an anonymous warning.
9. People from my village can live with bad days for we find taste with every part of pumpkin creeper.
Jilebi a manifestation of maya with encircling coloured pipes with hidden sweet syrup.
10. You may find it bizarre, but my question is why all in India don't share cyclones that east coasters face alone !
11. True love of sweet may reappear after 30+ years. (Got a sweet packet from a friend Malay) .
12. All CMs and PM must undergo a vocal chord functional test to ensure they can speak well so people can get them.
13.  All good people stay on other side of the sea.
14. Dominating sound waves and imagery is the rule for living today.
15. Democracy means one works while others relax and criticize - a bizarre definition!
15-Irrational tax system spins black - not a kind of defence but serious introspection of system is desired.
16. Making use of left out Idli batter for making of 'Punugu' is the height of resource utilization. 
17. Best idling begins with palm-gazing and thinking there are hopes around.
18. A country needs to be disengaged with 2Cs - Cricket and Cinema to develop - Flash of the Day!
19. How far is adopting a village from owning it ?
20. Where can one get TV channel News-filtering Apps ? They are valuable at times.
21. Country with kids obsessed with Cricket is an ever developing country.
22. Country with kids obsessed with Skating is a developed country.
23. Modern poetry - what you recite that it doesn't mean.
24. Modern art - It doesn't mean what you see.
25.You are full Adam or Eve only if you don't eat sliced apples.
26.You don't need all what you see.
27. Economists don't believe Lakshmi blessings flow from Earth, they believe in Market.
28. Extreme activists shoot letters to PM. CMs and all the TV Channels.
29. Good with handloom, it makes everybody sleep on similar bedsheets.
30. Life sums up to story telling.
31. You must pray a government pays.
32. God should close lifetime-account-of-sins in the same life. No carry over in life-cycle.
33. Secrets are are secrets always. Just whisper sin-secrets to Mahaprabhu !
34. If you have seen it, then you'r rouge; if not then you've failed. You:?, it:?.
35. With belief in life cycle, a wait is not really a big time in camparison to times you have in cycles. :)
*36. Janardan (God) is to be told of secrets and sins not Janata (Public).
37. Bragging is the birth right.
38. All judgments are as per the status.
39. Trial is always in state or at the centre not at other state.
*40. God decisively has given two hands to each.
*41. If you are immersed from head to toe tips with soap bubbles around then you are surrendered self ! "sampurna Samarpan."
*42. Why do exams and assignments come at festive time .... it's always a less understood question till you get placed.
43. Why does only 'q' stands for data in DBMS books ? And 'i,j.k' from indices ?
*44. How does Starbucks differ from Kashi-nana chaa dukaN at Maitapur chhaka ? Later for me is still homely.
45. May it sound odd but restricted migration to city, I prefer - smart way of making smart cities.
46. System should be such that automatically retirees are pushed out of city to developed countryside.
47. Quarrel-in-Channel can be a profession for livelihood - modern rudalis.
48. Running a government has to be by as few as possible, Pilot cabin has only few seats.
*49. More you perform ‪#‎criticisingStunt‬, the more you push self to Left
*50. We say it ‪#‎publicStunt‬ but every morning we start with a ‪#‎criticisingStunt‬ ... the behaviour goes unchecked with ...
*51. #‎NarshimhaRao‬ Another negligence in History - ex-PM with steel grit made a change to Indian economy - the Real man behind we tend to forget
*52. Every crisis has found its man.
*53. #‎SardarPatel‬ though late but believe this country people are always emotional of you. With great respect to the architect of Modern India.
*54. "Country that forgets its History doesn't make History"
55. Medicine box on dining table speaks up your development index.
56. God gave oil but no water, made them aggressive for hot sands to cross over. 
57. World is better as long as it remains untold.*:-/

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