Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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14th Oct. 2015
30th Sept. 2015

23rd Sept. 2015

16th Sept 2015 Nirvaya Newspaper, Bhubaneshwara

9th Sept 2015 Nirvaya Newspaper

2nd Sept. 2015 Nirvaya News Paper

26th Aug. 2015 Nirbhaya News paper
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Guest Editorial 27th July 2015 on Nirbhaya 

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1st Odia Column: Nirbhaya 15th July 2015


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dadei- that’s really great news. You have to talent and you deserve this.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dr. Mohanty.


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Mohanty,

Heartiest congratulations on your new career as a columnist! I wish you great success!

I have read the piece. It is excellent, as usual. Beautiful language and good discussion of the predicament.

Warm regards and best wishes.,

Anonymous said...

27 suicide reported this month across the country, it is not only the sadness , but the despair forced our farmers to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Chasi bhai ku joga heuchi 5 tankia ahar.

Anonymous said...

Namaskaar vaai. Baastaba tathya ku , ati sundara barnanaa karichanti.

Anonymous said...

A good piece that reminds us of the perennial grief of the farming class!


Anonymous said...


It's a great venture !
Congrats for the same.

Looking forward to articles which will possibly sensitize people and bring change in the mind set of the people at large and those in helm of affairs, in particular.


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Hrushikesh Mohanty,

Our congratulations and awe to you.

Though the Oriya script is not understandable I am sure that the matter presented is poignant and relevant to the reader.

Wish you all the best in your column venture

Anonymous said...

Agayaan, namaskar
how could i forget the language taught by my mother. i welcome your ingress into my loved but shattered profession of agriculture. Since last 25 years, i have invested there with practically no return , except feeling happy that it is going on and the sublime pleasure,i feel. Your lines have touched those hard but undeniable facts about a farmer's true plight. But, gone our memory of food scarcity of the late 1950-80s,when the nation was begging for food from Americans. Now even we don't care if rats are fed few million tons of wheat and rice!! Prabhu, we will only feel the importance of farmer if you taught us a lesson by ordering a continuous drought for 7 years and there by creating some situation like the great Bengal famine. It is now CRIME to be a farmer.
maa Mahalaxmi

Anonymous said...

respected Sir,
Chran Sprash!
I am glad to see it. I am very sure that your new career will be more successful. I am so proud of you.
thanks with regards,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations sir on your new avatar!!

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

dear all

Let's see how does this Avatar goes!
I'm finger-crossed with anticipations !


Anonymous said...

veryy nic sir.. revive old value n u r on track of making odisha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

u need a big platform for this literary revolution....but very nice sir...proud 4 u....after a stable position I will try to follow ur track of letter

Anonymous said...

Excellent Writing Sir....

Anonymous said...

We survive on value system.. Sunder lekha Sir..