Friday, October 9, 2015


Blog writing is basically a means for self-expression. This media is completely under the control of blog writer. The blog owner doesn't have to wait for the nod of media owners. Be it print or digital all media is almost privately own. And Government run media has its own limitation. If you want to express yourself unconstrained it's social media the digital world is going to offer you. Blog writing is the best among.

Blog provides a wide canvas to express yourself. You can put text, image, video on your blog. Your blog is visible all over the world. Both readers and blog owner can be connected by other means like email so that any update on blog all stake holders are prompted. For an example a reader can put a comment on a blog and then the blog owner intimated by an email. This offline connectivity is not-intrusive and demanding as we see for on-line social media like Tweeter and Facebook. Now, Facebook ofcourse has started giving this offline connectivity.

Blog provides explicit owning by the blog owner onlike Facebook where one's friend can post on former's wall. Here your reader can only put a comment on comment area but can't vandalise the owner's canvas.

At the same time, blog owner while enjoying freedom and exclusiveness has to be complete responsible of the content put on the blog.

Blog writing enables an observer to quickly jot down on the matter of concerned and the matter surrounding self. Such regular writing soothes one's sensitivity, sharpens the skill of observation and develops the skill of writing and expressing self in a positive manner. Usability of blogs for sharing educational study material is well imaginable. But, more its use as social media is well appreciated. Blogs are also being for commercial purposes like a place to exhibit one products.

More for youngsters, it hones their skill in public writing, personality development, responding to comments. Still more, it is an opportunistic media where one can exhibit its values that lie hidden in one's unexplored corners.

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