Friday, December 25, 2015


Why do I write ? This question never before I have asked to myself. Justification of self  engrossed in literature has never been my quest. Never have thought it would be of use to self or people though I know literature is for the benefit of society. But, I can't and I don't wish to brag self for claiming goodness of my literature. It's also not true I write for money and fame. Never have thought I will make a great contribution to Odia literature. I don't long for loud claps in auditorium.  Infact sharp criticism hounds for my indulgence. Some computer science professionals clandestinely gossip of my indulgence in literature. People at home even chides at my late night engagement  with literature. But, still I write. I write because I'm helpless.

Fortunate , some have inspired. Eminent poet (Padmabhusan and the ex-president of Kendriya Sahitya Academy) Sj. Ramakanta Ratha while blessing my the first poetry book 'Ananya Jamaja' said ,'You have started writing late in life. Keep writing." That increased my self confidence. Ex-Headmaster of my native place late sj. Bankim Chandra Moharana, a president award winner teacher had many good words to my writing. I'm thankful to him. In addition, Sj. Shrusthidara Parida, the editor Dhwani Pratidhwani and Smt. Shairendree Sahoo, the editor of Sagarika, are kind enough in printing works of a starter. They have been inspiring  for their love with literature.

In childhood I used to accompany my grandfather to 'pala'. It was an addiction for me. That time in village for every celebration there used to be 'pala'. (a group of people narrates religious stories in poems). Unlike today there were no hungama of electronics gadgets. Those time we had a blind 'gahana' the head singer with extraordinary excellency in Odia literature. My grandfather's profound knowledge on puranic texts and love of literature of this blind singer have put seeds of sahitya in me, as I see it now. 

I'm born to a small village 'Bangalpur, Simulia Block of Balasore district in Odisha. My village is not blessed with scenic nature like streams, sea or mountains. But, still it's the place of my most liking. Alas, I have just lived there for eleven years of my child hood. But, those many years have pervaded my years of now. It's with me wherever I can be. As I close my eyes with griefs of a day, the dusty roads, big trees, birds, green fields  and people of my village come down to sit on my eyelids and disappear as day breaks leaving me helpless with my struggle for livelihood. This helplessness flows as words on white papers from my pen.

I let my village in search of my education and then profession.  First I started with ECIL - a public sector then joined University of Hyderabad for a career in teaching and research. True to the profession I am in research and teaching. I write research papers in Computer Science, but not  creative writing. My life has been faithfully remain limited from home-office-home. I don't hesitate that is a limited dimension of life. But, there where I have been.

A time came, in my life I had to cook for two years and   to commute daily nearly 30 Kms on city buses with hustle and bustle. That made me to look at run of life in morning and tires of day in evening. That was a moment reckoning when sweat soaked towels of toiling workers rushed over my nose and when I got squeezed by bony bodies around while traveling in suffocating even rush in city bus. With these pains in heart one night my the first poem 'Ananya Jamaja' - the Unique Twins' took shape in 22 minutes from 10pm to 10.22pm. Since than I have never stopped writing for a day even. Put my hand in poems, stories, essays and weekly columns. 

In my writings I put my heart, my mind pours out its words. I keep writing with a hope one day some will read and say, ' Aha ! look at this writer, has so much pain and helpless inside.' How good will be our world  when one says 'Aha' at the suffering of another !
Translation of the Odia article "Mun Kahinki Lekhe - Why I write" published in Dhwani Pratidhwani on 13th December 2015.


Anonymous said...

AgyaaN, It is for those who think and castigates that a professional individual should not indulge in writing poetry or literature :::USA President JFK was himself a Pulitzer Prize winning author, but was very fond of poets. On the inaugural day of his presidency, Kennedy invited the eighty six year old poet Robert Frost (well known for his “Miles to go before I sleep…’) to sing a poem as a symbol of regard for men of thought and imagination. JFK had a great affinity for the union of poetry and power and the president declared, “If more politicians knew poetry and more poets knew politics, the world would be a little better place to live in”. Literature and poetry removes the inherent residual violence in human beings. It could be story of Shravan Kumar changing the attitude of Gandhi... and so many of us.

Anonymous said...

I could not read the article .
Fore me it is great that you
write..That fulfils my heart.
jai jagannath.

Anonymous said...

It is great ....jibanara ketoti muhurtara bislesana vary badhia pravat

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration for many people and doing anything in life without expecting benefit of any kind is rare and true yoga. Keep inspiring us sir for greatness!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Mohanty,

This is a very sincere and very authentic piece. It's honest. No
profound falsehood. Many writers fall a victim to it when they write
on why they write. This is why your piece is so refreshing.

By the way, is your village close to Markona? My father worked there
for Shri Sridhar Panigrahi's rice mill (Mr Panigrahi was Mr. Parshuram
Panigrahi (who was an MLA) 's father. Mr. Sridhar Panigrahi was also
an MLA. In 1959 I stayed in Markona for two months.

Warm regards and best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Jibikaa o jibana ra apurba samanwaya....Sundar bhaabaRe upasthaapanaa karichanti bhaina.Pranam....SubhaSandhya

Anonymous said...

Very natural and simple.
Chhalahina swikarokti.
Lekhaka paien ye prasna sabuthhu kasta.
Why I write !!!!!!!