Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congratulation Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik!!!

I have told last about Mass Management in my blog posted in March responding to a failure of AP police in controlling a march by Telengana activists that resulted to a very indecent situation- breaking of statues of the prominent people the land of Andhra Pradesh has given to us.

I am very concerned of security at mass gatherings. For mass, I was afraid of a darshan of Lord Balaji in Tirupati. However, that brought a punishment, Lord made me standing at a stretch for 13 hours carrying my little daughter around 12 years back. Similarly, I get weird thoughts when I visit Mumbai - I'm afraid of huge population and gatherings. Infact, I love to spend time alone with books (not really technical ones!!!).

This time, I had similar fear of gatherings at Wankhade Stadium for cricket world cup final match in Mumbai. Heard about unprecedented security bandobust there; still I had a fear always. With God's grace everything went on well and Team India won the world cup. Though, I have no such fascination to cricket, still I am happy and congratulate the team. More, I was relieved, it went off well without any security problems.

Mumbai police must have worked very hard. They are unsung heroes. Incase God forbid, had there been any problem; there would have been rain of curses to them. But, in case of good work nobody told of them except the union Minister of State for Home Gurudas Kamat. I'm very much thankful to him. He understood, success story for these unsung heroes never comes to front whereas, their lapses roll the headlines. It's always true for who work at the back, away of publicity.

Congratulations to Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik and his team!!!

Hrushikesha Mohanty


A B Sagar said...

Congratulations to Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik and his team.

Srijit Mishra said...

Yes, he and the entire Mumbai police deserve a pat on their back!