Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A different captain is Shri Anna Hazare

A different captain is Shri Anna Hazare leading a fight against corruption.
that our country has been passing through hugely at present. Sri Anna, who on call of Swamiji
(Vivekananda) threw away his suicidal note and started his life anew to bring light
to many in his native villages. Sri Anna possess nothing but handled missions of
crores of rupees - unbelievable. Seventy two years old has taken up fast till death
with an aim to cleanse India of corruption. Hats off. Indians need to rally behind him
as they did for Cricket World Cup. It's a bigger CUP India is badly in need since
1947. Probably Swami Vivekananda is looking through Annaji for the India he dreamt of.
And Gandhiji must have whispered to Annaji wishing him the success.
Let it come TRUE ...........

My support and sincere regards to Annaji

Hrushikesha Mohanty


Anonymous said...

Please read the editorial of Suryaprava of 8.4.11, Friday on the same subject.
Rabi Kanungo

Supriya said...

I support any protest against corruption. So I offer my regards to Shri Anna Hazare. He might be deeply inspired by Swami Vivekananda's ideology & philosophy. But could "a call from Vivekananda" be possible? Because Swamiji had left this world for his heavenly abode in 1902 and Shri Hazare was born in 1940.

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

Annaji got a call from within ........ deeply impressed by Swamiji on building new India.


Anonymous said...

Ground Swell .........

Sixty-year-old Geeta Gupta, one of the protesters who had come from Dehradun to participate in the fast, said, "My son came to take me back home and requested that I should end the hunger-strike , but I told him that my responsibilities for the family are over. I am ready to die for the country, if that is the sacrifice required to get rid of the menace of corruption." She said that sitting idle and thinking that what difference a joint committee or renewed draft bill on corruption would make is not going to help. "We cannot sit idle. Anna has shown us the way and it is the right moment to do something ," said Gupta.

Anonymous said...

Dr Praveen Sharma, a professor of neurosurgery at MGM College in Mumbai, is also on fast. "I have treated many patients and will continue to do that till I live. But this is the moment to treat the malaise of corruption . I have taken off from my duties to participate in the protest. The protesting doctors – there were at least 10 – also conducted routine investigations to check the condition of the fasting protesters and arranged for medicines

Anonymous said...

Young students and software engineers involved with the movement were using their skills to propagate the message of Anna Hazare through social networking sites. "The number of hits on the 'India Against Corruption ' website has increased manifold. We are trying to update the website with as much information as possible and new inputs in real time to keep our supporters updated," said Shivender , one of the activists.

Anonymous said...

India fight against the biggest enemy .....

There were painters displaying their works to spread the message of Hazare. "I painted this one last night. It shows how politicians scramble for power in order to loot money from the public exchequer and exploit them," said Amitabh Sarkar.

Anonymous said...

Sons of the soil - who have turned ugly must face the wrath of the nation ......... Awake.

PM have courage - your dillydally is a curse to the nation.

If you can't get up, make a favour, step down.

Remember the Tahir Sqaure is approaching Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Executives from various multi-national companies (MNCs) located in Gurgaon went to Jantar Mantar, where Hazare is sitting on an indefinit e hunger strike, on Wednesday to support the cause.

Anonymous said...

At a time when the country has witnessed scams of unprecedented scale, the impatience of the entire country is justified, he added.

Hazare also expressed his apprehension about the Group of Ministers which is drafting the anti-corruption law.

'If effective anti-corruption systems had been in place, some of them (ministers) would have been behind bars. Do you want us to have faith in a process in which some of the most corrupt people of this country should draft the anti-corruption law?' he asked.

Anonymous said...

The vision to have a corruption free India and the courage to lead the movement by example make Annaji a true leader. We the passive supporters, wish his dream comes true and India leads again by example.

Anonymous said...

India Inc honchos mum as Anna Hazare fasts
- Obviously, we have seen their faces in 2G scam, including Tata - much acclaimed responsible corporation ......... Ratan has made Jamshedji weep!

Anonymous said...

A total of 25 students from AMU are joining the strike today. It's time the youth send a stern message to the politicians who are hellbent on looting the nation's wealth,

a protester.

Anonymous said...

Hello PM! Isn't enough?
Why do you hesitate? Don't
you see your face on a mirror to realise how much true you are for yourself!

C.K. Rajendran said...

Dear Sir,

It is the need of the hour. I wish Anna Hazare success in his mission. I am for anna hazare.

C.K. Rajendran