Saturday, October 15, 2011

Morning Walk

This Odia Poem is published in 'Digbalay' Odia
Durga Puja Special Issue:

It talks of how urban life style has made people robots. The
arm chair jobs have cursed people with all types of ailments
like BP etc. And people in hurry have taken up morning walk
Yoga and listening to Baba's discourses once they were laughing
at. But, they don't have that fresh morning with rays on dew drops
clinging to threads of spider-nets on wet grass; the freshness of
mroning is lost, even for kids as public expensive schools in cities
start collecting kids early morning as they provide breakfast service
as the busy parents can't make breakfast even!



Anonymous said...

Good poem. Made interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

I have read the poem. It is common feelings of us that the modernization will destroy all the natural things and we are inspired and forced to adapt it. Though inspired and forced are two contradictory words but both are applicable. One way we like to adapt many new developments other way it leads to destroy the nature.

Your presentation was really admirable. I do not know much about poems but I like it (this Morning Walk) very much.

With regards


C.K. Rajendran said...

Dear Sir,

Read the abstract of your poem. You have very rightly put it. The changing world is horrible to think of. I am worried about the future generation. BUT I HOPE. HOPE that the new generation will be aware, awake and realize the matter and bring awareness and awakening among the masses to preserve the greenery and naturality of our EARTH.