Thursday, November 3, 2011

What a decision it was!

A month back  I guess, read in The Hindu, London mayor saying
Mahatma Gandhi was wrong. He was wrong of saying India's
future was in villages. We have also proved him wrong. Seems
 to be a fatalist, but true it is desisigned to be that way.

Villages have started melting, almost by design. Plagued. Villagers
more young ones have started deserting. India has to be urbanised the best
brains in planning scratch their heads and allocate huge sum for it.
And at the sametime, every square foot of its (city's) body is being
auctioned every next day at higher price.

Rulers giggle. Talk about ring roads after ring roads around city. They
are blessed  to gather more and more lands  and carve the course of these
roads along their lands. It's also destined to move that way with the
magic wands they hold for 2 rupees (for a killo rice ...)

 Real estate developers fatten. Poor
individuals pay through nose to put themselves in mid-air like
geo-synch satelites. Stationed for ever unfloding hands like solar
panels seeking miracles from unknown quarters - God is there for
every Indian!

In the poem 'Kemiti Eie Nirnaya Tumara? - What a decision it was?'
a city asks of rationality in making it grow and putting ring roads one
after another ' those pythons spew fire and smoke every day to make
life miserable - a wild growth for benefit of few ....

The poem is published in 'Sagarika' October 2011 Puja Sankhya ....
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Kumarendra Mallick said...

The poem is very topical highlighting the cunning natures of the planners to benefit themselves in the pretext of development. Enjoyed reading the composition. Thank you, Hrushikesh babu.

Anonymous said...

Nice relexions. Thank you.
Rabi Kanungo

Anonymous said...

Dear Rushi,

I had read this poem earlier and liked it. It was interesting to read it again in print.

But about your note on the Britisher's remark on Mahatma Gandhi, I was looking for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Nice reflexions. Thank you.
Rabi Kanungo

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Mohanty,
Thanks for the reflections on the present states of affairs in India. Definietely, Gandhi has been proved wrong in every sense. Villages have melted down, urban slums have grown. Cities have absorbed the viallges into their under belly. The only thing visible is urbn poverty mixed with urban richness, ecological disaster, human degradation and the rest of it. It is an absurd India, not easily mappable.
Your comments are appropriate and true.
Best regards,

C.K. Rajendran said...

Dear Sir,

If British tried to prove Gandhi wrong, we (the people) try to do so even now. And now the rice is priced at Rs. one only. Unfortunately nothing has been done to focus on agriculture sector. Thesis will not help grow rice, unless practically implemented.

Earlier somewhere I once said that in gulf countries they are changing the desert to fertile land. And what are we doing? Converting the fertile land to concrete buildings and roads.

It is very essential to preserve and protect the fertile lands and convert other dry lands to fertile.

We have the source. We have the intelligence. What we lack is the willingness. What we lack is good leadership. What we lack is unity in thinking right.

Anonymous said...

dear Rajendran

Very true you are. Without home grown idealism we are destined to look for our future decided by thinkers at world bank and IMF. And the result is nothing surprising.

Thanks for your time at my blog.

Anonymous said...

dear Kumarendra babu

Thanks for your comments and time on this blog. Interesting we live in Hyderabad and think in the same.