Thursday, November 24, 2011

To MNCs Friends

Globalisation has brought in MNCs (Multi National Companies) to India. It's true for any developing coutries. It's so for cheap population and natural resources Indian cities now offering. Policy makers believe MNCs bring more FDIs. And it's a short cut for India to get into prosperity. It's not long before polticians keep telling India an emergine super power- With millions of hungry mouths ! Everybody has right to dream -both our policy makers as well as MNCs.And Indian roads has started looking at variety of cars, roads clogged, smoky and dusty to bring untold miseries of health hazard. And at the same time MNCs started looking at cities and grabbing prime lands.
The cities like Hyderabad has lost all the natural landmarks- beautiful natural rock formations. Land =- everybody wants. As if the very square inch of Hyderabad city si going to be looted. The city cries of loosing twhat it has kept untouched for millions of years.
MNCs are well wishers - the general belief what glonbalisation has brought in is getting a beat with plummeting rupee value. Citylike Hyderabad has lost its beauty believing on friendship of MNCs . It's true MNCs are not like Sudama (the poor friend of Krishna) who came to Krishna for friendship not for money. And after meeting Krishna he left with emty hand. And that's the friend - who knows how to honour friendship unlike Shakuni who were with Kauravs to finish them, but not really tfor the sake of friendship!

That's what this poem tells for Hyderabad ; published in Prabha Sarrjana Novemebber 2011.


Bijaylaxmi said...

"kebala achi kathaa bepaarara laabha o khyatira" a blatant truth beautifully expressed through your poem. Same fate must be true for all growing Indian cities including the metropolis... It's a very sorry state of affair.


Anonymous said...

dear Hrushikesh babu,
Namaste. Your poem is an eye opener, conveying the feelings of millions except those who are on the chair now turned Jayachandras and Mir Kashims for their personal benefits. A merchant does not open his bag unless there is only profit... there is no 'kshyati', the business is at our cost. The law makers have forgotten the british rule so soon, very sad indeed. Best regards, mallick