Friday, April 6, 2012

See Me

See me,
how poor I'm
on earning so long,
I remain far away
and you
out of my reach
stay at horizon.
Wishing you here
I remain and bemoan.

See me,
I'm a wanderer
having an address so long!
When you are on my horizon
and out of my reach
then I have to go and go
how can I sit?

See me,
I'm so sick
even after caring self so long.
When you are on my horizon
and out of my reach,
I search within and within
who should me treat?

See me,
I with no anxiety
being empty, sick and
a wanderer
drift away and away.
But wish and guess
you will come on me one day!

I have not asked self,
not also asked
to the breeze from horizon
and not asked
to the twinkle stars-
how true you are.
I wish you as much as
I wish me here.



Anonymous said...

Your both the poems are good, more is the shorter one.

Anonymous said...

super, sir

Anonymous said...

Very nice sir....its one of the nice poem i have read..thanks for share with us..

Anonymous said...

heart touching sir...

Anonymous said...

very nice.....