Friday, April 20, 2012

You and Me

Left behind the big iron gate
that gulped so many days and years
of mine. I also spent those many days
for sure to make me hassle free.

Find now that is enough for me
and enough of that indulgence.
Let me go, let me go
let me search that unknown fragrance.
Wish me , wish me and wish me
I will not be back
again through this iron gate.

May see you at some square somewhere.
You will ask and I will ask -
"How are you?"
Enough and that is enough for all left  days
between me and you;
and left nothing else.

Hrushikesha Mohanty


Bijaylaxmi said...

Beautiful poem sir. Thought provoking. The iron gate might represent the worrisome striving for something that is like a mirage, the true happiness being somewhere else. So when it is realised, life would say; it's enough for me and I will not be back again through this iron gate. And at the crossroads of life all the cravings will be seen as vague...

Am I right with with my perception or the poem holds something else, Sir kindly enlighten.

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

dear Nina

My reader is always right.
That a reader like you - how
could I say otherwise!

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Best wishes,


Anonymous said...


I like it.


Anonymous said...

Sir, I am stil overwhelmed by touch me.regards dwivedy

Anonymous said...

Nice poem and heart touching.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Hrushikesh Babu,
I have read and enjoyed the poem. Aloofness is philosophical and at times despondency too. Please keep up the spirit. Namaskar.
Rabi Kanungo

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Nice and thoughtful poem.................


Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

Thanks all for comments.

Iron gate - represents a formal structure where one
spent a lot of time in life and so had a hassle free
life e.g. brutti office/ could be anything that is formal
without human touch. "You" are the people with whom you
spent time but formally. The relation is limited to
"How are you?". Relation is namesake!

Modern life is formal but lonely -"left nothing else than
just a formal "How are you.


Anonymous said...

"You and Me"is a very philosophical poem. Who is the "You"? Perhaps God.
Best wishes,