Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hold My Hands

Will you, will you hold my hands
Once, atleast once
Before you say me bye
To my dead-fish eye!

I know you brooding -
Never never that be.

It's just ok to hold,  to hold my hands
and put, put please whatever it could be -
Flowers, stones or even pinch dusts
Whatever it could be, it's just the warmth
I'm longing
else  for me now nothing have meaning!

Hold my hands tight for once
Before I leave , before I leave.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
17th July 2012


Anonymous said...

Nice poem on "longing for warmth".

Anonymous said...

i'm just loving it..

Anonymous said...

nice poem Sir true need of every one's.

Anonymous said...

nice poem sir, i think this poem is indicating to our instant life ..!!

Satya Prakash Dash said...

Very heart-touching poem with deep meaning said in few lines.