Monday, July 16, 2012

To the Green ...

Oh! my green; Oh! my green
Where are you ? Where can be seen?
Up above  my chin
You are so thin;

I held you,
Saw you on tiny drops
Shining and shining
After shower found you smiling.
Where are you - going thin and thin
Oh! my green, Oh! my green.

Tempest came ;
Came wearing wealthy jackets
Laid the traps showing lollypops.
It took my hands charmed on me
Studded with rubies (like) to fake me
Than I scramble and long for you
Repent my sin
Oh! my green,Oh! my green.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
16th July 2012


Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Mohanty,
Thank you very much for the poem. It is a nice poem -an ode to the lost "thin" green. It suits the present season which is still thinly green.
Best regards,

A B Sagar said...

Tempest came ;
Came wearing wealthy jackets ....

the tempest also has a name..

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

Tempest - merciless developments