Friday, November 22, 2013

!!! at 500th ODIA POEMS !!!

Date: 23rd Nov. 2013

Today I have my 500 th Odia Poem written. Never ever thought
poems are with me but now we two are inseparable. The
last stanza of the poem in Odia and in English are given
below. Happy to share this status with you all ...

ଜୀବନ ଟା ବୁଝୁ ବୁଝୁ
ଜୀବନ ଟା କୁହେ - ଛୁଁଅନା , ଛୁଁଅନା|
ତୁମେ କି ବୁଝନା ମୋ ମନରେ କେତେ ଯେ ଯାତନା |
ମୁଁ ମୋ ମାୟା ରେ ବିହ୍ବଳ |
କୂଳେ କୂଳେ ଚାଲ ଦେଖି ଦେଖି
ବହେ ଆହାଃ ଜୀବନ ର ସ୍ରୋତ
ଭରପୂର ଗୋଦାବରୀ ଜଳ |
The Last stanza of the poem  "Following  Life"
---------------Sense in English  ....................
Really ! Careful. don't touch me.
Can you ? God's shouldn't you.
I'm lost in my mystery, 
But, I relent for you.

You walk along, along my bank
I flow.  Move on and on with my flows.
Full to the brim as Godavari flows !



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sir,
Mahaprabhu blesses will be with you to complete 1000th poem very soon...

Anonymous said...

Dear Rushi,

Congratulations. It is indeed a big achievement.

Anonymous said...

Dear hm,

Congratulations! 500 poems in Odia!!
This is a major achievement and landmark.
Thanks a lot for sharing this me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ! for reaching 5 centuries of poem over a period of time.
This indicates your passion for writing poems.
Hope you will continue with the same spirit and transform your common observations as lessons for life.

With sincere regards,