Saturday, November 16, 2013


The poem 'In waiting' is published in Durga Puja Issue of 'DIGBALAYA' published from Bhubaneshwar.

The poem tells Goddess Durga of the plight still exists inspite her arrival on Earth assuring the end of all the evils mankind suffers from. Still on Dasahara day a commoner waits for her arrival as 'Basanti Durga' where she can choose a 'Rama' to handover chosen arrows for the demons of the day.

BASANTI DURGA PUJA: Lord Rama did Durga Puja on consecration of 'setu bandha' on sea to reach Lanka. This puja in Odisha is celebrated as 'Basanti Durga Puja'.

Critical Comments on the poem are solicited.


Anonymous said...

Like this poem.

Anonymous said...

grt sir

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Mohanty,
Thank you very much for the mail. I could not fully read the poem as it is in small letters. But the last stanza bears out your poetic expectation for the Mother to remove the pain of the earth. It is a novel way of inviting the divine intervention for the removal of the ills of the earth.
regards,tedL 74