Wednesday, June 24, 2015


by Bertrand Russell 

Russell tells in 1st Chapter : The Principle of Growth

"The unquestioned authority of the Oriental despot found its religious expression in the Omnipotent Creator , whose glory was the sole aim of the man, and against whom man had no rights. "

Me: We Odias have turned despo at Daitas' words !

"Medieval society remained organic and not fundamentally hostile to life, since outward submission was compatible with inward freedom because it was voluntary."

Me: Probably that's why we say medieval society was peaceful and full of happiness.

" To, me the chief thing to be learnt through the war has been certain view of the springs of human action, what they are, and we may legitimately hope they will become "

Me: Russell is driven by war after effect impulse and has gone to theorise his understanding of society by Theory of Impulse . Interestingly, I find a similarity to it in Computer Science domain modelling by event-action paradigm . May be Hindu Mythology sees it as adrushta-ingita. 
Hope Russell will say how basic impulse human gets.

Russell wishing no war in Europe says :

"The hope of seeing such political institutions established in Europe as shall make man averse from war- a hope which I firmly believe to be realizable, though not without great and fundamental reconstruction of economic and social life. "

Me: Was Russell not for drastic social changes ?  Was fine with basics of West ?
As I have seen even with XGen they are very much aware of war tragedy what Europe had and they never want it. They are sensitised best to love Europe.

Russell tells in Preface : 

I consider the best life that which most built on creative impulses, an the worst that which is most inspired by love of possession. ...... Liberation of creativeness ought to be the principle of reform both in politics and economics.

Russell tells the idea of this book with this:

"My aim to suggest a philosophy of politics based on the belief that impulse has more effect than conscious purpose in moulding men's lives. Most impulses may be divided into two groups, the possessive and the creative, according as they aim at acquiring or retaining something  that can not be shared, or at bringing into the world some valuable thing, such as knowledge or art or goodwill, in which there is no private property."


Anonymous said...

valuable thing, such as knowledge is not a private property. Here Russel is in conflict with capitalists !! However, i shall be with Russel. Knowledge or wisdom if treated as private property, mostly so now, and the technological outcome are patented. Imagine if the greats like Newton, Faraday, had patented their findings, then world citizens would have been poorer in every aspect.

Anonymous said...

1963 Vietnam war was initisted between democratic suth vietnam
(saigon) N comunist north
leader Ho chi minh. America helped South viet. Huge bombardment of North viet.. Russel alredy nobel peace recipient =I ask the brave
Russian Airforce to fight and thow Americans out of Vietnam.""Russia joined to help North Viet. This was a long war. This is one War America was defeated in History. Thats
why Afganstan is called vietnam of Russia. The ammount of bombs droped by America was more than total bombs of
WWII.used by all countries
This happened our student days. At the end
Ho chi Minh came out of a cave eithout foot wear. He
became a world leader.Calcutta has big statue ofHo n a famous road named after him.
Russel proved the worth of his Peace prize.

Anonymous said...

The Russelian social projection of post war Europe,while not negsting the theory of.impulse, starts believing in a pragmatic next generation
the materialsation of which is palpable till now
and expected to continue in future,a definite futuristic n pragmatic view.
The hope of seeing such politica//
Here he has indicated towards UN. NATO.CEATO.CENTO
WARSHAWPACT. Like European institutions.Which really worked in avoiding wars
Churchill, We are at peace
not because we love each other but because we are afraid of each other.
Kruschev..My God .soon
the airspace will be filled
with rockets carring atom
The war in Europe got avoided., as evidenced by
observation of German ppl
gettig irritated with mention of Hitler. The serenity n happiness in the strrets of Paris n all Europian countries