Friday, October 12, 2012

Reforms in Education

 Reforms : Not just Opening Up!

Opening up is inevitable. But the point is when it should happen and what it would result to. Managing preconditions and postconditions (regressive impacts being unprepared to its impacts) is the point we are concerned with.

Let's see a simple domain 'education'. Foreign Universities are now courting with counterparts of India (I was engaged with such collaborations with European Univs.). This pro

cess results to export of our students and draining out of (parents') money (through bank loans). That's even fine (not much money). At the best it results to few trips for faculty.

But, the point is where does it lead to at the end when foreign Univ are allowed in (at the best by the next parliament)? Already most of the state Univs are almost sick. Seems, our Univs are waiting soon to face the public sectors!


Anonymous said...

Dear Prof Mohanty,

There is an another problem. They are giving different starting pay for faculty at IITs, NITs and Central Universities. Now good faculty prefer IITs or NITs. You may know, 3 Assistant Professors left Department of Mathematics and Statistics to join IITs and ISI. So even we are going to face problems attracting good faculty. Added to this they have opened many IITs.

With warm regards

Anonymous said...

The contents are true and correct. It is painful and shocking.

Anonymous said...

This is a very serious matter. I am not sure that the research environment in India will improve, if it does, it will be marginally, but certainly not significantly. It will weaken our university system, ( except perhaps for some half a dozen central univs)as you have rightly said. Those universities will attract our best students, who however will not get the kind of education that they would have in their base campus in US or UK or wherever. Some of our good faculty might leave for those univs. They will be better paid and will have better exposure but I am unsure that the quality of their work will be much better.