Monday, February 3, 2014


Before it was phat-phati (scooter-engine cab ) now seven-seater that are like road-bugs stroll but run on Hyderabad roads with a lot of option on halts for boarding and alighting; that option is a delight of Hyderabadis like me; I can say to be a Hyderabadi for my long stay in the city for Godly purpose that I believe so with all sincerity.

I had, yesterday such a delight for choosing a seven-seater to zoom through a hell of evening traffic that even discourages any heavenly entity to land up at that moment on a call-of-duty. But, being a mortal I had to be on road to attend a call-of-duty - to attend a wedding reception of a boy. My presence, atleast I took it important for the occasion. I have had a long acquaintance with his father and it is so good that I leave my head to him for atleast once in a month to get engaged over a cup of tea, in gossip on varieties of issues that thrive under our sky ... in reality under my roof.

Since long after I did that, taking a seven-seater. Got back the life that I lost being inside a private car. So much looking around and jostling in variety of people with a touch of humanly bodies as well as reality . Believe me : LIFE IS GOOD BEING ON A SEVEN-SEATER !


Salil Jain said...

Sir,Great picturization in words.While reading its giving feeling like a short film.

Hrushikesha Mohanty said...

Thanks you Salil !