Sunday, February 2, 2014


Last year Feb accidentally met some of my friends in a hotel in Bhubaneshwar to my surprise they had come to attend a 'sangit' of a marriage. I never heard of 'sangit' in Odia rituals. Later, I understood this has invaded Odisha courtesy TV serials. How slowly social cultural fabric changes !

Point for today, we attended an engagement ceremony of a neighborly girl, welleducated. It was in a hotel. But, with all rituals. A serene atmosphere of sloka chanting with 'shanai' and 'jodi-nagara' that make marriages and all 'subha-karya' so auspicious. Felt, why honorable Bismillah Khan looks so spiritual !

Let me confess 'I love lovely rituals' and equally get wild at ugly 'hip-hops' ! Don't know what's staring at me in future !


Anonymous said...

Except the Bedi & the couple,nothing is Odia.The so called Mangal Sutra is not even an Aryan practice.

Anonymous said...

Better.believe in positive changes.