Saturday, February 1, 2014


TV screen is made for dance and music of obvious reasons for we much depressed Indians need entertainment on our living rooms so loud that entire house gets into mood; so cheap way to get into pink for we deshis. If you want to be at peace then shrink self to  a corner of the house.
Naach Baliye, Dance India Dance, Jhalak Dekhla Ja .... etc etc are  many on flat face for dears at home. Couldn't avoid a glance when 'Naach Baaliye' yesterday went for final on 'Star Plus'  atleast for the glamorous faces  I stared for few minutes for old habits that would take time to die,  believe me.
But I wonder how different classical dances are than these hip-hops (for me this is generic term that encompasses all types of contemporary dances) that need so much on stage for a performance. World has changed, so also dance the art. But, I couldn't ... (turn to a)  TV-Baliye !

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