Thursday, April 9, 2015

GHARWAPASHI not a Bad Idea !

Woke up with a brilliant idea today , atleast I assume it's brilliant.
Why not ? Who does not want Gharwapashi ? Everyday birds
go out in search of food but return to nest at dusk. Lion roars out,
leaves its den at break of a day. But, returns to its sweet den. 
NRIs keep talking atleast of the dream of Gharwapashi ! And
NROs go emotional to return home for each Raja-Sankranti ! 

Last Durgapuja we (me and my wife) went to meet my village-lads
here in Hyderabad working hard at some small industries. It's really
had working for 12-16 hours everyday with a weekly off ofcourse.
I advised them to go for some technical training along with work 
so that can turn skilled and make better life. For  them getting into 
such job is very important as they age their  muscles will not pull as
 it's doing now for long 12-16 hours day. 

Wish Odisha Govt. will arrange some such training for these 
lads in different cities they are working outside Odisha. Not
only they can turn skilled and earn bit more for quality life
but also some of them may choose to return Odisha and start 
small business like mobile-repairing, bike-servicing etc. 

A decent Gharwapashi ..... Why not ?
Btw, Gharwapashi is not a bad idea ! 

It's natural .........
I'm thinking to write to Odisha CM on this proposal.

10th April 15

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