Friday, April 24, 2015

Indian Farming Future

True many politicians don't understand the farmer community. It's not a homogeneous class and the same class behaves different in different states based on the state milieu and culture. There are farmers who do cultivation for profit. And they also resist to get integrated into modern economy and at the same time corner benefits Govt. declares to farmers. Further, as input costs increase, it puts agriculture to profit-loss paradigm and ejects it out from earlier bonds of customs and beliefs. Politicians trying to use farmers as vote banks while farmers themselves don't want to be identified by our classical definition of a farmer half-clad with a gamuchha around waist and and a shorter one around head. It needs courage to say Indian society has to go for industrial where agriculture has to be redefined. : This is my observation. My ancestors were parents and my brother hesitatingly indulged in farming. And I keep keen eye around when I visit my village. I do visit my village every year atleast four times.

Not exactly. I don't see through very sophisticated intelligentsia phraseology - 'identity complex' etc. It's simple. Farmers in village want all the facilities what you have in urban area. They also want to have life of comfort with cell phone, zean pant. T-shirt, ear phone, 2-wheeler, better education and health. They see Govt. schools in suspicion as if designed for them to not to develop. In my village they have started liking to send kids to private schools though it's expensive. It's not identity crisis. It's simple because they are unwillingness to remain within our classical definition. They think all these talks and concerns and petty helps are for namesake. They look for some bold change that will break the shackles of poverty . Believe it or not nobody really wants to do farming. If you don't redefine agriculture now, you will only hurt yourself. Then it will happen automatically the same but will take long time - a cancerous decay . Eventually, people will migrate to cities and make Indian cities big slums. Deserted villages and lands will wait for just take over by corporates. Better now have a law and make it happen in constructive way. It's not me a wise man, everybody knows it. Among the a lot few have courage to face it. If I'll take name I know some may not like it. But, truth is truth.

What you are telling I have already told in my previous two posts. I don't have to say anything more. I have already told that in my story 'Rakta-Kaien', if you have not read I can send it to you. If agriculture is not redefined people will move out of village. If you don't agree to it, it's your reading. Yes, old and battered city-returned people will stay back. Agriculture redefined means it'll be run scientifically in profit-loss paradigm being in synch with existing economic parameters. My conviction says neither compensation nor 100-day scheme will help farmers. I think I'm done with it. If I say more I'll repeat the same points and you will not give me more marks, even you may deduct some.

What can be done ........... 1. Put a NAtional Farmer Relief Insurance Fund to insure any loss to a farmer happens in country. Automatically compensation goes from insurance company without political drama. 2. Like IT company concession give some relief for co-operative farming that runs professionally by trained youths. 3. Quickly set up agri-schools ITI like to train youths agriculture and related skills. 4. Put agriculture supply-chain in action from farmers via storage and agri-business companies to retailers and users. 5. Employ very good media czars and recipe kapoor like fellows to develop yummy deshi eatables and popularize it (may be Deepika, Bharat Ratna Sachin and others help you can take. You have to compete with all KFC , McDonald like stuffs. Imagine this business comes to our deshi products. All these are to be made in mission mode for 10 years. I'm sure Indian villages will prosper so also agriculture. Sunil and Chinmaya

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