Friday, May 10, 2013


ଅଖିଆ ବାବାଜି ଭଜନ ଟାଣ
ଅଖିଆ ଛୁଆକୁ କଂଚା ତିଅଣ
ଅଖିଆ ଶାଗୁଣା ଉଡଇ ଉଂଚ
ଅଖିଆ ପୁଲିସ୍ କଥାର ପେଂଚ
ଅଖିଆ ଦନେଇ କଥା ପ୍ରପଂଚ |
English: While frequent prayers of a deceptive saint is taken with a bit of salt.
so also a kid  who is reluctant to eat behaves at some  half cooked food.
A hungry vulture flies high and police speaks deceptively without a bribe.
Common man with hungry stomach also talks irrelevant.

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Anonymous said...

Pls. consider the following as another version of translation ~In Hunger~ In hunger, /the ascetic sings his prayers louder/the baby swallows semi-cooked dish better/the vulture rises higher/the corrupt police grows litigant more /the common man does slander.